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A. Fong, CA

"Allen Liu Acupuncture has changed my life in such a positive and holistic way! I started over a month ago with chronic issues such as: TMJ, digestive issues, painful menstrual cycles. Immediately after our first session I noticed a HUGE difference with my TMJ. For the first time in 9 years, my jaw wasn’t popping (mind blown)! As my TMJ has improved, so did my sleeping, and dull headaches that TMJ has caused. After a few more sessions, I noticed that my digestion greatly improved as well. I have a sensitivity to gluten but after some time I’ve been able to re-introduce it slowly back into my diet. My digestion has always been imbalanced so for the first time in a long time, I feel a lot lighter and less imbalanced! Not only did I feel a difference over time, but my partner also noticed I’ve been able to eat more and that I don’t complain about my digestion regularly.

Allen Liu’s approach to acupuncture is so inviting and extremely comfortable. He’s so kind, gentle, and so much fun to make conversation with! His services have made me feel so empowered and in control of my chronic health issues that I thought I could never overcome. I’m so grateful for him and his expertise!!"

A. Patel, CA

"Dr. Liu is a compassionate healthcare professional. I appreciate his holistic approach to helping me through various health issues; he does a fantastic job articulating how mind/body alignment, with the strategic placement of needles, leads to maximum health outcomes. Regular acupuncture sessions with Dr. Liu keep my muscle/joint soreness and stress management under control, and prevents the more aggressive, persistent pain I was living with for far too long. A side benefit has been the added energy that acupuncture gives me, I’m working out and walking around my community more than ever before."

A. Johnson, CA

"I cannot recommend Allen Liu Acupuncture highly enough. With no previous acupuncture experience, I was skeptical. I suffer from severe periodic migraines and have found more success after 3-4 sessions with lessening the frequency and interim side effects of my migraines than any other singular type of treatment I have tried in the past. Friendly, convenient, thoughtful, caring, and careful, Allen Liu Acupuncture is now a routine I both look forward to and rely upon as part of my ongoing health routine."

M. Cellini, CA

The treatments I have received from Allen Liu Acupuncture have helped me with my migraines, food sensitives, anxiety, and TMJ. My body feels so much more balanced. The results have been amazing. It is always a pleasure to be on the table. I usually fall into a deep sleep due to being so relaxed. It's the perfect experience.

J. Kibuka, CA

"After my first session with Allen, I knew I was in the right hands. I felt heard, attuned to, and that what I needed to be taken care of was addressed professionally and with the utmost care. He's extremely knowledgeable and always adjusts all of the treatments to specifically target my needs/pains of that day. I'm grateful to have found him and highly recommend him to all!

M. Dolensky, CA

"Allen Liu is one of the most caring, knowledgable, and genuine person I have ever met. I came in with pretty bad chronic back pain and every session he sat down with me and really took the time to ask questions and understand my pain on a deeper level. You could tell he really cared about his patients, his treatments were awesome, and I am so grateful for him!"

B. Keyes, CA

"5 Star service with Allen Liu. Very seasoned acupuncture work and overall great to work with. I got great results from just a few sessions for my sciatica relief and have continued going for self care, treating old injuries and to relieve stress. Highly recommended!!"

K. Torres, CA

"I have been seeing Allen, for over 6 months and my overall wellness has significantly improved.
I started acupuncture because of health issues, in my family most females suffer from hypothyroidism and I wanted to give acupuncture a chance before starting hormone therapy. I was losing hair, felt really moody and tired all the time and had difficulty focusing. Even though my imbalance was not high the stress level in my daily life was not helping my condition. Within a few months of doing sessions every week together with some herbs I started feeling myself again. when I did my annual check ups my levels were back to normal and I felt amazing.
I keep going every week and Allen targets my sessions to my current situation. I have also chronic knee pain from an old injury and horrible seasonal and acupuncture helps me with those again. I have noticed my knee pain has improved since we started session and so have my allergies. Without to mention that 1 hour a week really helps me keep my stress down and not feel as overwhelmed.
I have no way of explaining what is the science or what happens with acupuncture, before trying it I was skeptical because I could not understand how it worked but now I am sold. Allen make the experience very personal, so our session have become my quiet space and I love them."

J. Rogers, CA

"Dr. Liu changed my life. I came to him with lower back pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t sleep. Waking up constantly in pain. After ONE session my back pain was gone. I was scared about doing accupuncture but Dr Liu took the time to understand my ailments before treating me. He listening to my pain points and tailored our treatment plan towards fixing the issues. I highly recommend accupuncture to Anyone. DONT hesitate ! My neck and back pain has never been better ! No pain meds. Thank you Dr Liu !"

Christina "Poofy" Moffitino

Chief Complaint: Shoulder, Knee, & Lower Back Pain

Results: Pain issues resolved with occasional minor flare ups

How often: every other week maintenance, or when in town

*Results vary with individual cases

Dave Kehs

Chief Complaint: Severe debilitating chronic back pain

Results: Pain issues resolved with no more debilitating pain, minor flare ups

How often: 2x/week to start, now once a week maintenance

*Results vary with individual cases

Chief Complaint: Severe debilitating chronic joint pain

Results: Pain issues greatly diminished, ability to walk with minor or no pain restored

How often: 1x/week, 12 - 16 weeks

*Results vary with individual cases

Chief Complaint: Stomach ulcer

Results: ulcer healed, eliminating need for surgery

How often: 1x/week, 20 - 24 weeks

*Results vary with individual cases

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